Verne Ho / Design & Photography
Verne Ho / Design & Photography

Designer and photographer in San Francisco and Toronto.

Director of UX at Shopify. Previously Co-Founder and Creative Director at Jet Cooper (acquired in 2013).

When you look at it closely, chat has made a fascinating leap from being a means to communicate to being a means to get things done.

Speaker Spotlight: Verne Ho on Designing Conversations

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Create space to celebrate expertise

My greatest successes have always come from the pursuit of forced discomfort. This has become a personal truth for how to grow.

"Don't get comfortable."

We always looked at ourselves more as a design startup than as an agency...

– Jet Cooper’s co-founders have no regrets about selling to Shopify

You're judged by the worst piece of work in your portfolio, not your best.

– How to Build a Great Design Portfolio

Don’t design for the sake of design. Design to help customers get products into their hands.

– How to Win the 2016 Ecommerce Design Awards - Part 2 with Verne Ho

People who care work hard to fight through ambiguity and figure shit out.

What you own vs. What you care about

While it’s easier than ever to learn something new, it’s still just as hard to be great.

– How to develop an effective learning process

Occasionally, you just need to stir things up, disrupt your world, and just do something that scares you.

– Interview with Ways We Work

We all play extras in each other's lives, which means there are an infinite number of storylines happening at any given time.

– Interview with Huffington Post

These yellow doors are just around the corner from my office. They're bold, posh, exciting, and just the right amount of obnoxious.

A Closer Look at Toronto

Doing design is a short-term focused activity, but having a design practice focuses on building long-term sustainable success.

– 3 things agencies need for a healthy design culture

Starting with mobile photography was a conscious effort to focus on the fundamentals — composition, lighting, editing, storytelling — before worrying about the hardware.

30 Days of Mobile Photography

The teams that come out on top are the ones that measure their success not by how often they’re right, but by how resilient they can be when they’re wrong.

A Framework for Building a Design Practice



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